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Julian Lovers Unite

The sky's not a limit & you're never gonna guess what is.

Julian Casablancas Lovers
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All Members , Moderated

You know you like it!

This community is dedicated to Julian Casablancas lovers

and is here for you to post pictures, news, icons, graphics, and other wonderful things
related to Jules or The Strokes.
All pictures should be under LJ cuts, PLEASE.
Try to keep all topics Jules/Strokes related.
Let's also try to keep this a hate free community.
So let's keep the negativity to ourselves and try not to bash others.

Please fill out the introduction about yourself so we can
all get to know you better.
Try to post as soon as you join as well.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Favorite Bands:
5. Favorite Solo Artists:
6. Favorite Albums:
7. Favorite Movies:
8. Best Show You've Been To:
9. Favorite Songs:
10.Favorite Book(s):

And please include your favorite Jules picture or pictures with Jules
so we all can gawk in jealousy. :)