marny (separateskies) wrote in drools_4_jules,

n00b post

1. Name: Marny
2. Age: 19
3. Location: SoCal
4. Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie, Tegan And Sara, Say Anything, etc etc. sadly the strokes are a fairly new obsession, the first song i ever heard was "last nite" and i LOVED it, but i was silly and 12 years old and didn't know to buy the rest of the album. now i'm finally getting (really) into them. EIGHT. YEARS. LATER.
5. Favorite Solo Artists: omg, lady gaga. idek.
6. Favorite Albums: abbey road is probably my favorite album of all time. this is a super hard question though and i'd need a few hours with my itunes to figure it out LOL
7. Favorite Movies: hm... i'm not sure. some ones that come to mind are dog day afternoon, where the wild things are, up!, the big lebowski (lol).
8. Best Show You've Been To: omg okay youre all going to make fun of me but the my chemical romance show i went to last year was probably the most exciting show i've ever been to. the energy was through the roof and everyone was singing and idfk it was awsum idc what you hipsters think.
9. Favorite Songs: omg hard questions. here i'll take some of my most played from "brothers on a hotel bed" - dcfc, "memorize the city" - the organ, "born to run" - bruce springsteen, omg i dont know. my favorite music changes all the time so that's why these questions are so hard lol im boring. :(
10.Favorite Book(s): harry potter series, "the perks of being a wallflower" - stephen chbosky, the hitchhiker's guide series. i like poetry collections too,  especially e.e. cummings. 

oh and you want a favorite picture of julian. does a gif count :D

okay cool, i'm gonna go melt now.
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