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Hello, I have a question!

Hi there! I'm new, but I'll spare you the n00b post for now.

I have a question to ask you, the fans of Jules,

I recently came across a certain facebook community about Julian, and was skimming the pictures of it when I came across one of a girl with her shirt hiked up almost past her nipples, displaying a huge tattoo across her entire side of the lyric "YOUR FAITH HAS GOT TO BE GREATER THAN YOUR FEAR" in a plain text with cloud shapes around the outside.

Now, something like that... I just don't understand. I left a comment saying that while I like the lyric, I don't know why it has to be SOOO gigantic. To me it looked really bad.
Well, the girl goes off on me saying that she actually met JC, Jeff Kite, Kimberly Stewart and god knows who else, and sat at a bar with them for 4 hours and Julian told her it was one of the few Phrazes tattoos he has seen which is "legit". And also that he really liked her American Apparel shirt. Oh, and that her boyfriend has a band that we all should listen to.

I think that is kind of a douchey thing to say. I feel that she's basically name-dropping to validate herself and her tattoo, and that she is basically putting other tattooed Julian fans down because THEIR tats aren't as "legit" as hers. I tell her all this in a comment, and no less than 10 different girls from the community end up coming after me and calling me names and putting me down and calling me jealous. I continued to try and explain exactly what I meant in the hopes that one of them would understand that I was not JEALOUS, just put-off by their friend's rude reply.

I just thought it was very weird that no one else felt like I did about the things the tattoo girl was saying. A friend of mine identified all of those girls as "hipsters" and explained that there was no hope of talking sense to them, and that's just how they are.

So my question is this: would any of you consider yourselves "hipsters" or otherwise aligned with the tattoo girl and what she said? OR Do any of you feel the way I feel about saying a comment like hers?
The reason I want to know is just that I like Julian Casablancas and wonder if I would even get along with any of his fans.
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